November 24th. 2009 Issue

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Digital Technology Group membership is open to individuals and Companies who are involved or have interest in digital technologies.

Topics covered are constantly changing to keep pace with the evolving technologies. Areas include broadband, broadcast, DVB, wireless, cable, satellite, fiberoptics, photonics, VoIP, xDSL, quantum & amp, neural computing, telecommunications, and all other new digital technologies that our members are interested in.
White papers and webcast tutorials are regularly published on this website.

We welcome individuals, corporations, developers, researchers and innovators who wish to participate by requesting information, responding to requests or posting announcements of interest.


Digital Technology Group will:
Dedicate its resources to disseminate the latest information of new digital technologies to its membership and maintain the highest code of professional and ethical standards.

Digital Technology Group
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Digital Technology Group membership is FREE and open to all individuals and Companies interested in digital technologies.
Members currently receive weekly notices by email with links to the new websites.
We are working on 5 regional websites that will allow members access to new and archival information.
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